I'm a college student from the San Francisco Bay Area who subs things. I'm a recognized translator on the r/LoveLive Discord and a contributor to BSeiyuu. My original YouTube channel named "zura" with around 1,341 subscribers was deleted on August 13th, 2021 at 11:17 PM PST due to copyright strikes. I restarted YouTube activities on August 16th following the release of Nijiyon Season 4 Episode 13 as にじよん Nijiyon Translations.
I've never taken the JLPT but I earned a score of 5 on the College Board's Advanced Placement Japanese Language and Culture Exam.
You can contact me over Discord at zura#3395, Twitter Direct Messages or email at zura3395@protonmail.com. I was in Hanamaru's section (yellow) when the first AqouRainbow happened in 2018: