Shu Uchida Interview from Seiyuu Grand Prix (December 2021 issue) 

Shu Uchida as Mia Taylor

Shu Uchida Interview from Seiyuu Grand Prix (December 2021 issue) scan

What are your thoughts on L!L!L! (Love the Life We Live) and the unit song MONSTER GIRLS? (Pink bubble)

L!L!L! (Love the Life We Live) is a great title. When I sing this song, I can feel the depth of its meaning. Since it’s the first song featuring all of the members, it’s become one of my favorite songs. It undoubtedly sounds like a Love Live! song and it’s also wonderful that the word “LIVE” is used with its double meaning of “live concert” and “to live life.” On the contrary, MONSTER GIRLS by R3BIRTH doesn’t feel like a Love Live! song and has a refreshingly new sound. When you listen to it, you’ll feel the unique charm of R3BIRTH!

Please tell us about Mia Taylor. (White bubble)

Mia-chan is an international student from New York City, and I’m from Australia, so being more fluent in English than Japanese is something we have in common. Mia-chan and I also both really love singing. I feel that I can express myself more clearly through singing. The second season of the anime will start soon, so I’ll work hard on practicing and improving my singing and dancing to deliver a unique performance as Mia-chan.

Please tell us about the solo songs I’m Still… and Toy Doll. (White bubble)

Toy Doll, which appears on Nijigaku’s 4th Album, has full English lyrics. Mia-chan started out lost, but changed little by little as she met everyone in Nijigaku. I believe you can feel her inner growth in these lyrics. I’m Still…, which appears on R3BIRTH’s 1st single, has a relaxed tune that a singer-songwriter would sing. The improvisation in it and how it doesn’t sound idol-like makes it a great song.

What are you looking forward to as a part of Nijigaku? (White bubble)

I’m especially looking forward to our 4th Live. Though I’m nervous because it’s been a while since I’ve sung in front of other people, I’ll do my best. On top of the live concert, I’m looking forward to being able to do anything with the other members and have fun together. My heart pounds with excitement when I imagine what I’ll be able to do with everyone! Onishi Aguri-chan and Sagara Mayu-chan have been good friends of mine for a long time, so I’m happy to be working with them!

Profile (Bottom left)

Mia Taylor Biography (Platinum silver bubble)

By the time she was 14 years old, she had already skipped many grades and studied at a university. She has since enrolled at Nijigasaki High School as a third-year student. She is the daughter of a world-renowned family of musicians.

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