[ENG SUB] Nijiyon Season 4 Episode 17 (#34, #35 "Emma, Shioriko, and Outfits") 

Shioriko is literally 1984

Some notes:
You can see Natsukawa Mai’s Aion no Uta outfit here: https://idol.st/allstars/still/136/Still-Emma-Verde/
Emma uses two peculiar phrases that aren’t usually used in casual conversation (to my understanding):「愛し」 at 1:02, 「めでたし」 at 0:19. This is why Kanata questions Emma’s word choices at 1:22 and uses the idiom 「対抗意識」 at 1:39 to play along.

Original: https://youtu.be/jm-bahB_q_4

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