[ENG SUB] Nijiyon Season 4 Episode 7 (#14, #15 "Shioriko and Kanata") 

See the Märchen Star moon in the SIFAS MV: https://youtu.be/3i9GmQSjxAU See the Märchen Star moon in the live performance by Kito Akari, Kanata’s seiyuu: https://youtu.be/acirVFUSuuE

If I enter Kanata’s Dream World, could I get my original YouTube channel back?

This was the first upload to the にじよん Nijiyon Translations channel on YouTube following the deletion of the zura channel. Thank you to the 1,341-ish subscribers that subscribed to my original channel. Your support made me want to continue translating content for everyone to enjoy even after my YouTube channel was deleted. I hope this channel doesn’t suffer the same fate. Thank you again.

Original: https://youtu.be/LaoF2EGY05k

Feel free to message me on Discord or Twitter if you run into any issues with playback.
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