[ENG SUB] Shukashuu Comments on (Early) Birthday Photoshoot for Seiyuu Grand Prix 

The text that gets covered up around 1:25 lists the three versions that Shuka’s album comes in along with their prices including sales tax:
Patchwork Edition (Limited Edition) - 7700 JPY
First Press Limited Edition - 4730 JPY
Regular Edition - 3850 JPY
You can order the Patchwork album as well as the Seiyuu Grand Prix magazine directly from Amazon JP or through a forwarding or proxy service like Tenso, Buyee, White Rabbit Express, or Baggage Forward from retailers like Sony Music Shop, Animate, Gamers, or HMV. Her artist website (https://www.saitoshuka.jp/disco/) isn’t all that clear about what retailers include what preorder bonuses so you’ll have to check each retailer’s listing individually.
The Seiyuu Grand Prix magazine itself also has retailer-specific preorder bonuses as well but are clearly listed at https://seigura.com/magazine_books/69251/

Handy text to copy and paste for finding Saito Shuka’s Patchwork: 斉藤朱夏 パッチワーク

Original: https://youtu.be/jE3bfk2Xckw

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