[ENG SUB] Agupon and Hinaki at a Cat Cafe Part 1 

Cat Cafe MOCHA’s website (with a cat directory!): https://catmocha.jp/akihabara/

Agupon mentions Mameshiba Cafe, which is a chain of cafes featuring Shiba Inu dogs. They have numerous branches across Japan and also appear to own cat cafes featuring specific cat breeds as well as owl cafes. You can find their website here: http://owls-cats-forest.com/

It was a bit hard to hear whenever they talked over each other, so feel free to point out any mistakes to me on the YouTube Community post, Twitter DMs (@camodr25), or Discord (zura#3395) if you find any!

Alternate Title: Agupon and Hinaki at Cat Cafe MOCHA Part 1 (Anata ni Agree #14 Part 1)
Source: Onishi Aguri’s “Anata ni Agree” #14

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