[ENG SUB] Love Live! Superstar!! Yuigaoka Girls' High School Store Memorial Item #02 PV 

Yuigaoka Girls’ High School Store: https://lovelive-yuigaoka-store.bnarts.jp/
Use Tenso, Buyee, or White Rabbit Express to order from A-on Store or Premium Bandai if you want the item as soon as possible! Ordering Tokyo Otaku Mode may be cheaper when stacked with introductory coupons and discounts but their shipping takes ages according to friends and other Discord users.

Subtitles for the anime scenes were adapted from Team ONIBE’s subs of the episode, find them here: http://blog.onibe.moe/lovelive-superstar-episode-2/

Original: https://youtu.be/4-hZutLZIvg

Feel free to message me on Discord or Twitter if you run into any issues with playback.
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