[ENG SUB] Love Live! Days Magazine Commercial 

Subtitles are orange because the narration was done by Sayurin. https://twitter.com/SayuriDate/status/1415302751307792384?s=20
If you’re interested in purchasing the magazines, they’re available through Amazon JP and CDJapan with international shipping. Amazon JP shrink wraps your order and puts huge rubber bands around them to make sure the included posters don’t slide out while CDJapan tightly wraps your order with bubble wrap. I wouldn’t recommend using a package forwarding service unless a specific Japan-only store is selling an older issue that you really want. Feel free to leave any questions about buying merchandise and shipping them overseas in the comments, I have way too much experience lol

Original: https://youtu.be/-jcNZMvwNTo

Feel free to message me on Discord or Twitter if you run into any issues with playback.
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